I don't mind telling you, I saw that lady, and I don't know how she gets away with it. Those bloated things wouldn't pass inspection if he were a *real* man, no sir, like, if it was me, I'd just knock the stuffing right out of 'em, give 'em the old once-over, you know. And I don't know *what* that goddamn green stuff is. I bet it reeks.

I guess she thinks they don't notice, what with all the fumes. She probably thinks she can just slide on in their on her e-lectric scooter, and pull the wool over their eyes with those - those - those *things*. I wouldn't buy one. Probably get botulism, or anthrax, or something even worse. Maybe develop a spoonerism, or aneurysm, or whatever the hell they are. Makes me wanna puke just thinkin' about it. And they don't even have any *pockets*!

Sometimes I think that they really know what's going on, and they're watching her, waiting, until she's cleaning the cage and looks away for a second, just a second, and then *POW* they're up and out of the cage and eating her eyeballs right out of their sockets and running up the long distance bill and ain't NOBODY gonna pay THAT piper.

Oh, man, he bought one. He just up and bought one, even with all the foam, and stuff. I hope he got his shots.