They're on to you now, buddy boy. They've got your name and they know how to use it. You'd better run while you can. I've heard stories about what they do to you when they catch you. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

You'll never escape. They got eyes and spies hither and yon, they watch you in the bedroom and the bathroom, hell, you're *one of them*, you file *reports* with them *every day* and you don't even *know it*. Why not just give up now?

I gave up years ago, and now the money is just rolling in. Easy hours, obscenely high pay, I'm living a life of luxury off the backs of slaves and loving every minute of it. I highly recommend it. I don't even have to dress myself, I've got people who help me do everything - yes, even that. I'm not even talking to you right now, this is a script read by an actor.

True, there are down sides. When you dread the night because every moment of sleep brings you closer to the flapping terrors inside your head, when you dread looking at yourself in the mirror because it isn't even your own face, when you're thinking every minute that you're a completely replaceable module and they might pull the plug on you at any second - maybe even *more than once* - well, things can be tough. But hey, I find a nice wafer on my pillow every morning, which is better than finding a bloody murder weapon any day.