The Top Ten Dangers of Studying Magick

Subject: Re: danger of studying magick
Newsgroups: alt.magick
Date: Sun Oct 12 06:18:09 1997 GMT

To get this thread back on track, I hereby present: the top ten dangers of studying magick....

10. You become obsessed with how evil mainstream religions are.

9. You attain MPD instead of enlightenment. Each of your personalities has it's own email address. Unfortunately, they all have the same opinions and lack of creativity in expressing them.

8. You get in unending flame wars with the person(s) in number 9.

7. The discovery that arguments over the "correct" numbering of Justice and Force in the tarot and other "historical questions"is a black hole of a time sink.

6. You may deceive yourself into believing you're a wise woman when the rest of the world realizes you're just a crazy lady with a BAD case of hot flashes.

5. Extremely silly handles.

4. You may go to DisneyWorld and find yourself very HAPPY about it.

3.You may not be able to find an appropriate teacher.

2.You find a teacher.

And the number one danger of studying magick is....

(drum roll)...

1. Josh tells you to shut up and go away.