Cthulhu Song

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 13:13:40 -0400
From: Will
To: Z-cc-list
Subject: Not on topic, not off topic . . .

Things bopping around my head recently --

"Great Cthulu in Dead R'Lyeh Sleeps"
(to be intoned to "Camptown Races")

Where does Great Cthulu sleep? I-O, I-O.
In dead R'Lyeh a thousand miles deep. OM, I-A-O.
Gonna chant all day, gonna chant all night,
Gonna raise Great Cthulu's might.
OM, I-A-O.

There have been several variants, but I think that may be the most complete so far.

Now to see if I can't work out "Shub-Niggurath had a farm."


-Hoping This Hasn't Been Done Before