Baphomet Dual Sigil Rave Ivocation

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 20:14:25 -0700
From: sword1
To: zee-list
Subject: Re:riff Re:sigils

Riff writes:

I also have a basic sigil question: If I were to do a sigil, and put it where a lot of people would see it in a highly energized enviroment (say, for example, I programmed our laser to paint sigils on the wall of the dance floor at a large rave)... who will it work for? If I create a sigil for money, say, who gets rich - me or the ravers?

I have worked sigil, evocation and invocation at several large raves and some smaller club events in London and have found that the majority of effect goes to the operator, in part I think that the majority of partyers have very little idea of focus and intent so that a large proportion of their magick/spare energy just sits around in the atmosphere and eventually drifts off but as soon as there is some focus or intent then the spare energy moves towards that.

I particularly enjoy possesion workings at such events, one that springs to mind was a joint possession of Baphomet in the main arena of The Ministry of Sound. The two operators took in previously made up sigils, then standing in the middle of the room surrounded by a couple of thousand ravers oozing spare energy from every orifice, one operator evoked Baphomet on the other, when the operator considered Baphomet was present he flashed the sigil before Baphomet and then slung it into the crowd. The possessed operator then projected Baphomet into the other operator and repeat the sigil operation.

This went on for forty minutes with both operators slinging Baphomet backwards and forwards, finally collapsing onto the floor in exhausted laughter, we stood up to see a large space had opened up all around us, with ravers just gawping on and the DJ having spot-lighted us. We laughed and left the main hall.

Afterwards, several very stoned ravers approached us and confirmed that they had seen a huge grinning demon running backwards and forwards between the two of us. The rest of the night was fun, not having to buy any drinks or drugs, as impressed ravers felt we deserved it for our performance!