What are the Elder Gods?

From: Fenwick Rysen
Organization: Node Fizzgig
Date: Thursday, April 02 1998, 10:28:37
Subject: Re: Elder Gods
Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos

lo eskis i Quoth yworth (seeker@ndirect.co.uk): > Who and what are the Elder Gods? "Elder Gods" is often how most people refer to the collective of powerful creatures in the Cthulu Mythos. Things like Cthulu, Azathoth, and Nyarlothotep. > In article <3512A954.426C@iglou.com>, HK <nethuntr@iglou.com> wrote: > >I've seen lots or rituals, essays, stuff on the Great Old Ones of > >Lovecraftian lore and was curious to know if anyone ever did anything > >with the Elder Gods? Yes. It works, but in my opinion, it's not worth it. Most of my experience with it has been very physically taxing, and yielded results that I could have gotten faster and easier via more conventional means. It can serve as a wonderful horror factor though. In casual conversation, lots of people start to get nervous when you say, "Yeah, I summoned Cthulu once. Don't think I'll try it again; the slimy bugger wasn't nearly as efficient as my home-brewed pantheon." In Life, Love, and Laughter ___ o | --Fenwick Rysen Chaos Matrix: http://www.sonic.net/fenwick / .__|__. | ___ | / More things you never want to hear a chaote say: | "...And then Cthulu showed up."