The Black Djinn Curse

by Hakim Bey (taken from Nox 4/Chaos Magazine)

How to invoke a terrible curse on a malign institution.

Send the company a package containing a bottle, corked & sealed with black wax. Inside: dead insects, scorpions, lizards & the like.

A bag containing graveyard dirt along with other noxious substances; an egg pierced with iron nails & pins, and a scroll on which is drawn this yantra or 'veve'.

This invokes the Black Djinn, the Dark Shadow.

An accompanying note should explain that this hex is against institutions & not individuals. But unless the institution itself ceases to be malign, the curse, like a mirror, will begin to infect the premises with noxious fortune - a miasma of negativity.

Prepare a 'news release' explaining the curse & taking credit for it in the name of some invented society. Send copies to all employees in the institution & selected media. The night before these arrive, wheat paste the premises of the insitution with copies of the Black Djinn emblem where they will be seen by all employees arriving for work the next morning.

"That which oppresses us must be in some way destroyed … All forms of magical vengeance are aimed at the termination, by whatever specific means, of the oppressor. If it is too difficult to rise above, strike down!"
--Stephen Sennitt, Nox.