"There is no tyranny in the state of confusion"... The Media acts to censor information. All media nets are programmed to give the illusion of free speech and multiple options. Political manipulation of the media is becoming increasingly overt... who cares?

What about the so-called 'underground' of occult 'zines? They tend to be the product of individuals, orders or groups, and provide an essential network for passing information along - or of injecting a healthy dose of Disinformation. We tend to judge an occult group on the basis of the information circulating about them. Such judgements are at best tenuous. Over the last few years, we've seen the "Chaoists vs Traditionalists" debate, the 'Bitchcraft' of Wicca, and the numerous OTO factions all jostling for position. Although there is much discussion of the 'Chaos Current', the most powerful current is that of electric cash registers ringing up another sale... ching! Chaos Magick is already dead, and the only living debate is between the vultures over who gets to gnaw the biggest bones. So climb back into your chao-chambers, spheres, polytraphezoids and disappear up your own void-flows. A prime example, wouldn't you say, of the Spectacle "recovering" a situation.

Doubtless there be attempts to place L.O.O.N. into the faction jigsaw. Fair enough, but "we like everybody". We like the OTO, ONA, IOT, OS, OTOA, BOTA, SOL, OCS. We also like the people who go on (at great length) about why they don't like the...... (insert your own choice). We may even be qabalists poking fun at the whole Chaos Magick pose.

Chaos Magick has been this Aeon's "thing". Relatively big bucks on the strength of the frothing of the occult media. Some say it did for magick what punk did for the music scene. What follows then... New-Romagick?