We are magick. This is not a boast, you won't find "L.O.O.N. are magick" sprayed on bus shelters - but magick isn't something we do, or something we're 'into', it's what we've decided to be. But our magick isn't something we scuttle away and do after work, at weekends, or once a week when the gang gets together - hell, the best group work we get done is when we are apart! Magick we live, eat, breathe and shit! This book is a brief pause on the video - a momentary pause for us. By the time you read this, we're gone, on a collision course with our futures.

Write Your Chaos Magick Tome!

Why buy books on Chaos Magick when you can write your own! It's simple, all you need is a load of paper, pens, glue, and the mind-altering substance of your choice. Go to the library and choose books at random, collect a pile of magazines from wherever you can get them free. Record bits of other people's conversations. Get all your bits together and place on the floor in a big pile. Ingest the sacrament, throw the pile about and start cutting things (not the library books!) into clippings. When you enter gnosis (or just get bored) sweep the lot into a big cardboard box. Don't forget to insert the word 'chaos' into the text every 2 or three phrases. And next week we'll be showing you how to make a cover to keep it all in... cue theme music... credits...

This is usually the stage in every Chaos Magick tome where the authors start running out of verbal diarrhoea/insults and start padding things out with examples of rituals, spells, 'new' systems of divination or equations. So without further ado we present the L.O.O.N. banishing ritual: