1. Why use a crystal ball - try an untuned television set - comes with free 'white noise' too!
  2. Recover other people's discards and use them to produce magical objects. Talismans made from photo-montages & collages, scrap tins and old radio parts.
  3. Invoke the fetishes of the modern age, channel the corporate identities of 'Unilever' or 'Max Factor'. What we call sorcery, they call advertising.
  4. Rituals to 'Stop the City', shoplifting, rent strikes or computer zaps are much more fun than all the usual stuff. See if you can conjure a poltergeist to squat in the local tax office.
  5. Experiment with fake radio news broadcasts. Make tapes announcing the weird and wacky then play them quietly in crowded trains and buses. Watch people thinking 'did I really hear that?' and seize the momentary suspension of reality to get some off-the-cuff sorcery done!
  6. Perhaps we need a revolution of the sorcerers?