Neuromancy centres all occult ability and potentia within the human brain - possibly the least understood and most complex system of all. All occult exercises, according to this model, have some kind of effect on the brain, and it also follows that in respect to experiences with ASCs, possession, gnosis etc., that the root event is occurring at a neurological level.

Thus the aim of any psychotechnology is to unlock the powers of the human brain. We believe that the evolutionary adaptation of humanity is an ongoing development of consciousness, and the place where all vectors meet in consciousness is expressed, in physical form, as the individual biosystem.

Of all the techniques of neuromancy, recourse to Chemognosis (drugs) is the most widespread across cultures, and in the western hemisphere particularly, one that arouses much controversy. Only those who have received medical training, and can hence say from a position of authority that they do not know how the brain works, are allowed to tamper with it - through ECT, surgery and the good old 'chemical cosh.' While it is fine for these watchdogs to impose their will upon the brains of others, it is quite another matter for non-qualified people to try it on themselves.