Sigilisation is a method by which a desire/intent is encoded into a non-obvious form, i.e. a glyph or picture which does not immediately call to mind the original intent. Any magical intent can be written out, and the letters scrambled to form a picture, mantra or neologism, which can be repeated or concentrated upon until gnosis ensues. Alternatively, the sigil may be set aside until its original purpose is forgotten, and then hurled.

During gnosis or times of great emotional feeling, the sigil may be drawn, visualised or fiercely concentrated upon, to the exclusion of all else. This enables the so-called subconscious mind to 'reprogram' reality in accordance with will. Once the sigil is cast, it is forgotten, so that the desire's realization is not hindered by 'lust of result.'

The word, spoken or written, forms the majority of sigils. It is also worth experimenting with the keying of desires to specific smells, tastes or sounds. Sigils can bring about a wide range of results, from the most abstract to the 'mundane'. From altering dream-content, to habit and behaviour reformation, and arranging fortuitous co-incidences.

Sigils may be formed in this manner independently of any system of planetary or other symbols, and can be hurled forth without elaborate ritual. As a method of practical magick, it is simple and elegant; its effectiveness can be discovered through personal experiment.