There is a great deal of discussion at the moment on the subject of the change in Aeon, and of the influence of various "Currents". Apparently some people feel that an age of Aquarius - truth, justice, wholefood, no-nukes and peaceful pagan frolicking is just, like around the corner...maan. On the other hand. the possibility of the New Aeon being ruled by cannibal radioactive zombies cannot be entirely ruled out either.

The twentieth-century is busy resurrecting the titans - the primal "builders" of the cosmos who appear in creation myths under various guises - the Giants of Norse mythology or the Greek titans for instance. Once these titanic forces have completed their work, they are cast out or banished from the ordered cosmos, which is then populated with all manner of entities. The titans are ever-present, lurking at the borders of "reality". These forces, both destructive and creative, continually appear in literature as the theme of conflict between reason and raw, primal nature. The "High Priest" of such mysteries is the author H.P. Lovecraft, whose "Great Old Ones" seem to hold a continuing fascination for occultists, along with various other pantheons of Dark Gods, Dead Gods, Deep-fried Gods...

The myth-cycle of the titans represents the catabolic forces which propagate change in any system - whether the scale be universal or subatomic. They are held to be dormant or asleep in that they are in equilibrium. However, when a system evolves to a certain degree of complexity it becomes increasingly unstable, which can eventually lead to either evolution - the system "evolves" to a higher-order of complexity, or collapse - systems crash. It is at such crisis-points that the titans once more become active - when a great deal of instability needs to be built up, so that the evolutionary "leap" may be made.

The development of nuclear technology has led to a sudden increase of access points where the spheres meet between our ordered reality and the primal chaos of the titans. The gateways have been opened, and the evolution of all entities within the biosphere (both organic and elemental) is being affected.

As the power of the titans returns, a new priesthood has arisen to worship them - the power obsessed politicos and their numerous satraps. Like the inbred wizards of the Cthulhu Mythos, they believe that the titans can be controlled, and that they possess the spells to bind and chain the nuclear forces without danger. Unfortunately for them (and us), the titans are utterly amoral, not being sentient as we know it. Our only point of interface with them is through the so-called Dragon Brain, with its pre-verbal atavisms and instinctual drives.

Titan-Gnosis is the name we have given to the evolution in consciousness that the titans are generating in Human beings as their stirrings ripple through our mind. The awareness grows that Human survival surpasses all boundaries - both ideological and cultural; that it is necessary to live within nature rather than laying waste to the environment. It seems that as the titans stir in death's dream, the closer we are to "awakening" in larger and larger numbers.

The tricky point about the titans is that for the moment, we need them if the evolutionary leap is to be made successfully. Their return is generated the incoming current which has been variously conceptualised as the 93, Ma'at, or KAOS current. In the final analysis, the names and attendant symbolism are not that important - they are but facets of the same process.

Magicians and other visionaries who are aware of Titan-Gnosis and its effects are now actively working as transducers for these energies. Evocation of titanic energies into one's own space-time lattice is a dangerous enterprise, yet there are those who may seemingly do this with impunity. The use of names, sigils, and chants are only partially helpful, since the 'names' of the titans form the fabric of our reality itself.

NB: This essay was writ following a series of workings coincident to events preceding and following the Chernyobl disaster.