Interpreting Zos Kia Cultus

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Subject: Virginia Beach's Santa Claus meets KOS
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 00:39:28 -0600

Greetings to all and everyone!  It was a pleasure to meet all of you who
were at the conclave this past weekend!...I had a wonderfull time and was
impressed by all of you!!!    ;-)   rock on!!!......
Many of you had questions about Austin O. and the Zos Kia Cultus....and
while I am by no means an expert (just a humble student enrolled in the
school of life)
I have studyied much and the ZKC is somewhat my forte...
so let me begin by saying that Austin O's magick is not the magick of the rich..
the high cerimonial..the better than thou attitude of the upper classes..or the
''well..I've been studying the qabala for 20 years and have had K and C with
my this is the only way'' ...Bullox say I !!!!!

Spare's magick is the magick of the..primordial..the shaman..the witch..the
poor who would break their backs during the day and meet in moon carresed
groves to worship at night...the laffter of a is an ever turning
inward type of thing quote from the book of pleasure.."you do not need
to dress up as a traditional magician,wizard,or priest,build expensive
temples,obtain virgin parchment,black goats blood, fact no
theatrics or humbug"..
.Altho Spare DID have his own magickal "weapons"..a very apparant one would
be the QUILL. Obvi Spare was VERY much influenced by REAL witchcraft..not
the wishy-wash of todays wicca.
(no offence to those of you who 'fool-low' the modern methods,tho I must
say sometimes I think those such as scott cuningham would indeed make a
nice punching bag )

That said....let us get on with it...ahhh so much so much....where to
begin....ahhh I know.....What does Zos and Kia mean???

SIMPLE INTERPRETATIONS....Aside from Zos being part of Austin O's magickal name,
ZOS ... means .. the entire body, including it's range of consiousness in
the world. It is symbolized by the hand,as the Kia by the eye...thus
joining sight and touch....can also be seen as "will"
KIA ...symbolized by the eye...can be seen as "imagination" and the eye of
mystical vision..the "atmospheric I"...can also be seen as the real self.
the state of inbetweeness, or niether-niether.

The the physical representation of the five-fold
tradition called the pentalpha. It is thus the symbol and the embodyment of
the pentagrammaton - the five-fold word of the flesh realized and
articulated via the five sences of physicality. The myriad postures of the
Hand used in ritual and in contemplation correspond to the divine postures
by the body as a whole - the Hand postures also correlate to the alignments
of the sences in the formula of the Apotheoses of Sensation and to the
Linear Ciphers of Sigillic Wisdom whereby Sensation is encoded and
communicated for occult purposes!...( get it ? ) ( got it? ) ( good!!!!!)
In ritual the raised and outstretched Hand serves as the Sign of the Pentacle,
and is thus used to charge and salute the Quarters of the circle: the
raised Dextral ( right ) Hand is the physical analogue of the Upright
Pentagrammatic Sign = upright pentagram. The raised Sinistral ( oh but I
love that word for some reason )( left ) Hand is the physical analogue of
the averse or downward pointing pentagram.
The Fingers and the Points of the sign being attributed thusly:-

The Thumb = Earth + Touch + Lower left point.
The Forefinger = Air + Smell + Upper left point.
The Index finger = Spirit + Hearing + Uppermost point.
The Ring finger = Water + Taste + Upper right point.
The little finger = Fire + Sight + Lower right point
The Palm = Void + Telaesthetic Sence + Central point.

The Hand may thus be interpreted in ritual and formulaic texts as:-

1. The literal hand - the vehicle of the tactile sence.
2. The sign " upright /inverted pentagram ". The ritual gesture of the
raised and outstretched hand
3. The five sences of physicality, and hence may infer ..THE BODY AS A WHOLE!!!.

...there are other 'things' having to do with the hand but I will
"touch" upon those with those who want to know.
The EYE...The symbol of the eye may be interpreted firstly in the literal physical vehicle of the Optical sence. In this
interpretation the Left eye is attributed to the Lunar and the Feminine,
while the Right eye
is attributed to the Solar and the Masculine;the two being UNITED in the
second interpretation of the "eye". This being the "eye" as the Oracle of
the Blessed Sight, the third Eye of ancient tradition wherein the Sun and
the Moon are unified in the steller symbol of the Eye within the Triangle.

In this second interpretation all sences of physicality are focused in the
Optical by Ritual and Contemplative means, thus endowing the eye with the
power to see beyond the visibility of the mundane and to gaze into the
transmundane Aires and Spheres of the Existent,even into the very cells of
the azoth wherein the holiest visions of this our arte are enshrined.

In a third interpretation the "Eye" may infer an entity of projected vision -
such entitys constituting the corpus of the watcher.
I.The internal projection of the sight into the aires and spaces within.
II.The external projection of the sight into the points of the quarters of
the circle and beyond the gates thereof.
III.The entities of the blessed sight who are the gaurdians of the gates
and the spaces beyond and between.

The fourth interpretation of the "Eye" refers to the openings of the body,
especialy those with sexual significance. These being:-
The Kteis, as the oracle informing the secrets of the sacred visions.
The Urethral Aperture of the phallus:The weeping Eye of the Sun.
The Anus:The blind Oracle of Abomination serving as the final reposoire of
abortive congress.

Thus the Eye may be interpreted as:-
A. The physical vehicle of the optical sence.
B. The Psychical vehicle of sight.
C. The projected entities of the sight.
D. An opening of the body..especialy those pertaining to the sexual formula.
E. A PHONETIC EQUIVALENT OF I   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is more to do with the "eye" than meets the eye.( sorry )...and
for those who want to know I will go deeper in.
anyone who wants to...can e-mail me ..and I appologize for my poor writing
skills...I am not a writer and my ability to infer is limited...what can I

well this should be read in a bad french accent...I am zo borled..ze
buiznezz men want zherle paqajezz...ze swine,let zem wait!!....I am going
to get drunk!!!

Until the end of god and time my brothers and free!!!!!!!!!!

and oh yes..coming with earthenware virgins and stone gods!!!!

he he heeee.....opening a can of worms!......................................