Austin Osman Spare in Science and Money

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Subject: Austin O. Spare on Science and Money
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 07:50:38 -0700

From his essay "Mind to Mind and How" (March 1951):

"The means used and the way it happens are simple, the inverse of scientific. I use a traditional formula, created by instinctive guess and *arbitrarily* formed, not evolved by hypothesis and experiment. The law of sorcery is its own law, using sympathetic symbols."


"Science, like Logic and Psychology, is its own bogey and as neurotic as its own creed; its fear of deviation from its arbitrary standards and categories confirms all the definitions of the psychopathic... Science also has to await its rare artist -- to make an audacious guess for enlightenment or mutation. For me, the inexplicable of beauty, the undivulged of things gives them their enchantment, not their known meaning."


"I have never yet witnessed any occult phenomena where money was involved whether for expenses or anything else (I preclude the odd symbolic silver coin)."


"Finally, scientists will never solve or prove anything related to foretelling the future; it is a work for 'artists'. Science may subsequently prove more fully what the artists have already discovered."

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