Milosh's Triangular Veins Ward

This ward is primarily used to prevent passage of entities through any firm surface, but it can be also used to permanently block doors, or prevent opening of closets, chests or envelopes. It is rather simple to place, and is extremely powerful.

Placing the ward:

1. Using the index finger of your right hand, point to a spot in the lower left quarter of the area to be warded, vibrating "IEAOU." Visualize the spot glowing with octarine light. Place the right hand palm outward about one inch over the spot (as if you wished to push the surface there), and vibrate "ZOS."

2. Pointing to the center of upper half of the are to be warded, vibrate "IEAOU" again, and repeat the octarine visualization. Place your hand over the spot as before, and vibrate "KIA."

3. Pointing to a spot in the lower right quarter of the area to be warded, vibrate "IEAOU" again, and repeat the octarine visualization. Place your hand over the spot as before, and vibrate "IKKHA." The three spots should now make an equlateral triangle in the approximate center of the warded area.

4. Place yoour hand, palm outward, over the center of the triangle and say "XIQUAL." Visualise pulsating veins of light (usualy octarine, but color depends on the purpose) spreading from under your hand, branching through the surface and covering the entire ward area in an impenetrable tangle.

5. Turn your back to the ward, and say "SYCUZ."


The Veins have originaly been designed to protect an area with walls, idealy a room, from any incursion. They can be broken by force, but will neither wear off in time, nor will they ever require renewing or reenergizing. Placing one of this wards on every surface (all four walls, ceiling and floor, making sure you do not block the doors and windows, which require more selective and less permanent wards) will make those surfaces sealed forever (or until something REALLY strong uses a LOT of power to break through, or until their physical base is physicaly destroyed). For this insulative purpose, veins should be visualized in the octarine color of the casting Mage.

Another use is to place a trap on a door or any closed item. For example, you can place the triangle over a door, extending the veins to the walls. Whoever opens the door will break the ward, causing a quite powerful explosion of whatever force the casting Mage has put into the triangle. Veins for this purpose are visualized in red or black (with spots of the triangle usualy visualized red or black too) - red if you wish to extend an energy strike, black for an entropy explosion. Explosion is a quite literal word here: breaking the ward will extend the damage to everyone who finds themselves within few yards of the breaking point. Keep in mind that this is not much different from a land mine, and take care not to stumble into your own trap.

A note about physical base. Veins can be put to "float in the air," but in that case they fold down and dissolve very quickly. Also, the total power depends also on the physical size of the ward, besides the amount of energy casting Mage has put into it; a warded envelope sent to an enemy will cause relatively little harm when opened, while a well-made triangulated door can easily dispatch a killing blow. I have no idea why this is so, it is simply an observation.

Placing more then one protective triangle on the same surface will make the defense weaker instead of stronger - veins will fight each other, creating separate areas around each triangle, with holes in between. If you place two triangles so their sides intersect, they will cancel each other almost immediately. Placing more then one trap-triangle on same surface is a bad way to commit suicide; touching one set of trap-veins with another will cause them both to explode on the spot.

The ward can be easily specialized by adding sigils to the triangle; for instance, you can place a watcher sigil within a trap triangle, so that you know when the trap has been sprung. You can add defensive sigils and runes, or create a defensive spider-servitor to make things more interesting...your imagination is the only limit.

Have fun,

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