Rite of Transmutational Sorcery

Frater Qoph 100

This working is inspired by the aestheticism of the Mythos of the Dark Gods and as a model of functioning chaos energy, the results reached via the method below cause an inner vertigo that tends to over-ride personality interference and thus an immense change in conscious perception occurs.


The sorceror is to identify with an aspect of 'pure' manifest chaos, represented in this model by the Cthulhu Mythos entity AZATHOTH, "blind and idiot force at the centre of infinity". This invocation is dangerous, but will confer a great deal of perceptive power to those strong of stomach! The chamber should be in total darkness. Choose a heavy cloying incense to dim the ego-senses and meditate upon the presence of AZATHOTH in an awkward position; one which causes strain or excitement. No instrument of the Art should be used except for the metaphysical.

In your chosen posture a mantra scream should begin, low and muffled, coming from the stomach, somewhere near the groin. This should be felt to tear from the physical body as it emerges from the throat, becoming increasingly raw, more animalistic as it progresses. Eventually the scream must rise more frequently and become the total centre of being as you feel it lift from the dark pit of your stomach into the dizzy vortex of blackness; ripping you apart, rending you free; summoning AZATHOTH from the abyss of deepest dreaming chaos.

Aids to this Working

A sigil may be used as the preordained image of the Primal Scream. This will have the effect of providing an image of Azathoth, though it will be an abstract, impressionist image. Care should be taken to avoid being sucked into Azathoth's voidal entity, and this sigil will do the job by forcing a subjective identity on it which the sorceror may "freeze" and contain. In this way, the invokation will be limited but more tangibly successful; the magician becomes an aspect of Azathoth. Such a working is very dangerous but can go further and is infinite in its drastic consequences.

Projection into the abyss may be stimulated using hallucinogenic plants, although great care should be taken in their use.

Uses of the Rite

Perception of the very outer limits of consciousness can provide immense changes to the Ego which will diminish if the invocation is successful, thus enabling further magickal freedom due to the intensity of the experience. Directed magickal results may be obtained by meditating on their fulfilment or sigilized to be reified by the invocation. Such as: obtaining some material desire, perception of other worlds, contact with other sorcerors, curing/injuring physical beings etc; but the main aim of the ritual is to effect a lasting and devastating change in perceptive consciousness.

This rite appeared in "The Starry Wisdom" - An Anthology of work from the Esoteric Order of Dagon, A5 booklet 1990.