Blinding the Red Eye

by Grizzuel

This working is to conceal the subject specifically from the attention and perception of those who would bring harm to them. This is distinguished from a general concealment working in that this selectively excludes only those with hostile intent.

Materials Needed:
  1. Opening by preferred means
  2. Statement of intent: I will to conceal from the eye of malice. -Sigilize the above statement by omitting repeat letters and combining the remainder. Make a mantra out of the remainder as well.
  3. Draw a picture of an eye, bloodshot, with a red iris. -Apply a very thin (to dry quickly) coat of glue to the back of the sigil -apply sigil over the drawn eye, fully covering the iris at least.
  4. Meditate on the image of the fawn; scentless to predators, until gnosis is reached. Let this imagery fade out and be replaced by the sigil.
  5. Crumple paper and burn sigil, repeating the mantra while doing so.
  6. Banishing by preferred means.