Portal Passing

by Augoras

WORKING: Portal Passing Thu, 6 Oct 1994 13:25:27 GMT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Portal Passing Rite by Augoras <goetia@itsa.ucsf.edu> A personal invocation of Naveh with the goal of building a magickal current to aid in the pursuit of locksmithing. 0. Open Gate of Kamil The altar is prepared with sheathed dagger, lock picks, cloak. During the opening of the ritual the magician visualizes a door w/ an inverted pentagram (or other favored symbol) on its face. The magician's mind gives a steady opening push, but it's not until the word "Kamil" that the door is suddenly pushed open all the way. During the incantantion the magician has unsheathed the dagger, holding both the dagger & scabbard. At the word "Kamil" the magician strikes the dagger against the metal of the scabbard to make an audible >click<. "My mind passes free of the grip of static reality. As the walls fall down about me I pass through unto KAMIL, sacred ebon city where night eternal reigns." 1. The Ward Cast aside scabbard. Hold the dagger close to heart with both hands, as if praying. "My grip on this blade shall be as the grip on my mind." Banish & call the elements in each direction by drawing/slicing the appropriate sign & saying whatever power word comes to mind. The signs are: Fire South Air East Earth North Water West Metal Down Sight Up The dagger could be placed aside any time now. "XIQUAL CHILHIG! Let the demons of the pit descend about me!" Symbolic animals are visualized in 3 directions. Before me a great tusked boar. 120 degrees away manifests a single rat or a swarm (either, at whim). 120 degrees further away manifests a raven. The animals should be evoked with the greatest of concentration so that all 3 appear about the magician. These animals may further be identified with 3 of the gytevsha (spirits) of Naveh. Respectively, these are: Gekrish, the enforcer / executor spirit; Vesha, the spreader of deceit and confusion; Krasula, the Hunter of Sleep who delivers horrible nightmares. 2. The Draw Don the cloak. Stand perfectly still and invoke stillness of mind. Imagine one's own image as invisible and focus the whole attention on the universe. One's mind should be kept still while simultaneously feeling the walls and air of the ritual chamber. Allow the silence to completely remove you. This silence should be so long that it pushes ones limits. If this doesn't seem likely then silently and slowly count to 62 (NAVEH adds to 62 using Hebrew numerology). 3. The Work This part is improvised largely, but the usual opening line is "As a shade of Naveh let me freely pass through any portal." The work can be accomplished through the evocation of spirits of Metal (the element of locksmithing). A door w/ the metal sigil is pictured in the minds eye. Progressively the door is made to open through the evocation. The picks are held and the evocation is directed into the picks at its climax. An example evocation: "Xiqual [insert Metal power word here]! Come forth Demons of Metal! Come forth intelligences of Metal! Come forth spirits of Metal! Hear my call and manifest this working through these picks!." Alternately, the Southern Enochian Angels of Mechanical Arts can be called, these being hroan, roan, oanr, anro, and nroa. 4. the Close An inverted pentagram is drawn to each direction and a phrase such as "Let the portal be sealed and the working be done" is uttered. At the last direction (straight down) one utters "Let the working be sealed and my word be done!" and banish with laughter.