Channeling Ouranian

The Ouranian Barbaric dictionary is missing some important words that are pretty basic to our magical lives. This rite is intended to add new words to our Ouranian vocabulary. (Though conceived as a group rite, it could be modified for solo work.)

This rite would achieve Gnosis first by the inhibitory method. Then a proto-word would be picked by scrabble letters. Then Gnosis is deepened by chanting, culminating in glossolalia for the final word.

Needed Tools:

Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to enlarge on the known vocabulary of the Ouranian Barbaric language."


Sit in a circle in Death posture, employing no-mind technique for about 5 or 10 minutes until facilitator stops it.

We have a list of words that we have decided to translate. Each person gets a word by some random method (picking a word from a hat). Then each of us picks up 5 to 8 letters (let inner intuition tell us how many) from the Scrabble set. We play with our letters, arranging them as we find best. Then we chant the proto-word over and over, faster and faster, perhaps jumping up and running around, dancing, perhaps, until glossolalia is achieved. When each of us finally has a word that "feels right," we stop and write the word down. When everyone is done, we share the results and also have a final chance to give input into each other's word until group consensus is achieved.