The Eucharista of Chaos

An Exercise of the Cup
A supplement to the Jihad and Monasticism.
by Soror Cyllan.771 and Soror Severian.427

Members may elect to perform the Eucharistia of Chaos for as long a period of time as desired, though at least one week is suggested. One may perform the Lesser, Greater, or Extreme form of the Eucharistia. During their Performances, members will consider themselves a "Vessel of Chaos". The Eucharistia is Performed for the following purposes:

  1. To align oneself emotionally with Chaos.
  2. To become an active Vessel for Chaos.
  3. To strengthen the emotional magical abilities.
  4. As an exercise in emotional fanaticism.

  1. Dedicate any sexual act to the conception of Chaos.
  2. Carry a magical Cup at all times.
  3. Determine for every sleeping period to have a dream in which a magical act is done.
  4. Keep a full record of dreams.
  5. Emotionally charge one sigil each day.
  1. Perform each of the Lesser Eucharistia Performances.
  2. Emotionally charge a second sigil each day.
  3. Create one Chaos Elixir each day.
  1. Perform each of the Greater Eucharistia Performances (which include the Lesser).
  2. Break sleep midway once per night to emotionally charge a third sigil.
  3. Create a second Chaos Elixir each day.

The member, in considering themselves as a Vessel of Chaos, is allowing themselves to be a receptacle which draws Chaos into itself. In dedicating any sexual act to the conception of Chaos, you are making use of this receptacle in giving the contained Chaos the potential for action (the actual action is carried out in the Journey). An explanation of what we mean by "emotionally" charging a sigil can be found on page 33+34, Liber Lux section of Liber Null & Psychonaut by Pete Carroll, under excitatory Gnosis techniques. It is suggested that the member use as many different emotions as possible throughout the duration of their Eucharistia, in order to cover the full spectrum of emotional possibilities. A magical act performed in dream can be anything from Evocation to Divination, anything that is magical. If the member finds difficulty in achieving this, they should not consider it failure in the Performances, to try is the point. After the Performances have been completed, the Cup should be kept as a magical tool and may be inscribed in some way with a record of the Performances. For this, one may use the technique employed in the Monasticism and Jihad, whereas 114 would signify the Lesser Performances done for 14 days, etc. If the Eucharistia Performances are unsuccessful, the Cup should be destroyed.