Dream Recall Exercise

"Extrapolated from an occult excercises & practices suppled by the sorcerers apprentice. Similar lessons are given free upon request with every order placed".
Although startlingly simple (as are most potent systems) Dream Recall is a very effective method of gaining control over dreamtime. In it's ultimate form it can reveal areas of Magical Memory and much initiated work can be done vhilst in dream state, including lucid-dreaming wherein the dreamer is semi-conscious and can 'observe' the dream without affecting it; being carried away and noting every happening in the dream itself, objectively.

The Dream Recall Technique has also been termed Reverse Remembering. The mind makes thousands of decisions every day. It does this automatically and in 'forward-thinking' mode. If you are asked to remember a list of groceries you always remember the one at the top of the list first and then 'chain' them together. When re-membering them you begin at no.1 and move down the list. The mind automatically thinks this way. However just because this fits into our mundane life more efficiently does not mean that the mind is limited to thinking linearly. Not so. The mind can be taught to remember in reverse sequence by command, although it does take some effort on behalf of the operator. Try counting from 100 down to zero for example. You have to think and put effort into the result, whereas counting from zero to 100 you do not think, it is automatically accomplished by familiarisation. Of course there is a limit to what we can accomplish by sequential remembering in the forward mode. Eventually we run out of things to remember because they have not yet happened. We then have to move into clairvoyant realms. However in reverse remembering we can continue much deeper and farther into the realms of experience and Being and pull out of our memories information and data which can really help us in our daily lives. lt helps if the mind is in a state of repose when this reverse remembering goes on and the best results are when allied with sleep although once adept at it you can reverse-remember at any peaceful time.

The knack of reverse remembering is time-phased and memory-phased. That is to say that you can trace back and reverse remember all that has gone on in your mind the night previously. You can also reverse remember previous lives. The key to attempting reverse remembering is simply familiarization. To begin with reverse remembering is very difficult. Within a week you will be absolutely amazed at the progress you have made and after several months it will become second nature and will be available to you at will.

The most successful exercises in reverse remembering is the following:

Just prior to going to sleep close your eyes and try and think of what you did before you got into bed, Make a detailed memory-picture of every action and statement in reverse order from laying your head down to climbing the stairs. As you move along in your mind things will become more and more difficult to remember and most beginners lose track after half a dozen 'remem-brances'. You may find you have dropped off to sleep upon waking up in the morning. PERSIST in this exercise every night reverse remember. The more you attempt it the more successful you will be. It will become easier. Whilst you are training yourself in this you must also keep a notepad and pencil beside your bed. In the morning sit up sharp; before anything else has entered your mind and remember bk to whilst you were asleep. You will find to begin with that this is VERY difficult but persistence will prove successful. You will find that your first success comes when you reverse remember a particularly strong emotional sequence in a dream. Once you have dixed upon this then FORWARD REMEMBER from that point. When you have completed this as far as you can go and put all this down on paper, then switch concentration back to the first part of the dream and reverse remember. This is the most difficult task of all for it takes much effort and only by parts do you succeed initially. However the prize you are after is worth it and even part success is stupendous when it occurs. Once you have mastered this part improvement will flow quickly. lt will not be long before you can 'map' out the highlights of the psychic work you have 'subconsciously' done during the night and truly begin to benefit from the third of your life you normally waste 'asleep'.

Some "daylight" exercises to help you with your reverse remembering are:

  1. Learn to count backwards f rom 100 to zero as quickly as you can from zero to 100
  2. Use the old child's game of having someone show you a tray with around 30 small objects thereon, (or a limited period. Then try and re-member them. As you get better, have more objects or/and less time to view them.
  3. Take 20 playing cards. Shuffle them. Remember their sequence after looking through them once. As you get better increase the number of cards. When you get really good reverse remember the cards after looking through them the other way.
  4. This is a variation on (3) of help to beginners. Take a glossy magazine. Look at each page and memorise the pictures on each page from front cover to back cover then put the book down and re-member from back cover to front cover.