Evocation of the Dark One

by Emptiness Divine (rottingaphrodite@hotmail.com)

Angel of Death
frolicking in plasma
impaled betwixt the chasm and the gate
whispering death nymphs
suffocate my soul
crystal city
ancient roots
sea of blood
beneath the pyramid
lies the tomb of the skeleton butterfly
in melodic decay
these flowers must die

beautiful shadow whore
who am I to draw lines between the shadow and the light
cut me
fuck me
tear away my throat and love me
flood of terror, homicidal
be my savior
so still and precious
Empty creature, I see you
Empty creature, I am you

patterns and puzzles enveloped by shadows
entomb the nectar
shadow keeper
lessons deeper
skull of jinn
bone handled head cutter

ancient death nymph
collect your bones
gather your limbs
in silent bliss
receive this melodic blessing
of a dream within a dream