Mass of Chaos "H"

by Phil Hine

This short 'rite' can be used as an 'earthing' sequence to close off a 'heavy' group session. It's aim is to promote laughter by exposing the perils of self-importance.

Discordians have long identified Harpo Marx as a contemporary avatar of Harpocrates, the God of Silence. Harpo is Lord of Silence, trickster and sacred clown.


Priest to take on manifestation of HARPO may be adorned with woolly wig, top hat, and horn. Any other props for the use of the god may be placed on the altar, such as a feather duster or tickling stick.

Statement of Intent

It is our will to invoke HARPO, Sacred Fool and Lord of Silent Mockery, that the glamours of magic be dispersed, and Laughing Anarchy enter our hearts.

Priest: "Let the pomposity begin.

Celebrants then proceed to strut about the room, making self-important proclamations about the 'serious' and 'holy' paths of magic, and attest loudly that, as magi, they should be admired and respected by all.

As the celebrants do this, the Priest, in the center of the room, begins to prance and whirl about, making appropriate gestures and faces (visualizing himself as Harpo) until the avatar, drawn to a space where so much pomposity and self-importance is evident, chooses to manifest.

As the Priest feels the avatar come upon him, he brandishes the horn and gives the litany:

Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk (ad infinitum)

Upon hearing the sound of the horn, all celebrants must 'freeze' into statues of pomposity and self-importance. HARPO then has free reign to play whatever tricks and capers he will, his aim being to reduce the assembly to laughter. An effective way of doing this is, when Harpo's ministrations has forced one person to 'crack up' into laughter, they assist him in teasing and mocking the celebrants, until the whole assembly is laughing.

The rite may end here, or alternatively, Harpo may choose to deliver a sacrament in some fashion. If a Banishing is required, the Priest should be divested of his props, and coaxed from silence into speech.

This ritual appears in Prime Chaos by Phil Hine, available from Chaos International Press, BM Sorcery, London WC1N 3XX. ISBN 0-9521320-0-1